Certified Residential Appraiser

Professional Education and Qualifications



Fundamentals of Real Estate Appraisal-The Moore Group-03/2006 National USPAP Course-Trans American Institute-03/2006
Basic Appraisal Procedures-Trans American Institute-05/2006 Residential Appraisal Report Writing-Trans American Institute-06/2006


Residential Sales Comparison & Income Approaches-The Moore Group-03/2008

National USPAP Update-The Moore Group-09/2008


Statistics, Modeling and Finance-The Moore Group-01/2009
Advanced Residential Application and Case Studies-The Moore Group-03/2009 National USPAP Course-The Moore Group-03/2009
Mastering Unique & Complex Property Appraisals-The Moore Group-04/2009 Residential Market Analysis & Highest and Best Use-The Moore Group-07/2009 Residential Report Writing and Case Studies-The Moore Group-08/2009
Residential Site Valuation and Cost Approach-The Moore Group-08/2009
General Appraiser Site Valuation & Cost Approach-Trans American Institute-09/2009


The FHA Appraiser: Thriving & Surviving-The Moore Group-09/2010

National USPAP Update-The Moore Group-11/2010


National USPAP Update-Mid West Appraisers Association-10/2012
The Professional Appraiser- Mid West Appraisers Association -10/2012 Enhancing Appraisal Practice- Mid West Appraisers Association -10/2012 Nebraska Report Writing Update-The Moore Group-10/2012


Defensible Appraisal Practices-The Moore Group-09/2014
FHA Appraising-The Moore Group-09/2014
National USPAP Update- Mid West Appraisers Association-09/2014 Report Writing Update & Case Studies-The Moore Group-10/2014


National USPAP Update-The Moore Group-08/2016
Residential Appraising: New Things to Think About-The Moore Group-10/2016 Real Property Report Writing Update & Case Studies-The Moore Group-10/2016 Understanding and Using Comparable Transactions-The Moore Group-10/2016


National USPAP Update-The Moore Group-10/2018

Residential Appraising: New Things to Think About-The Moore Group-10/2018


Realtor Code of Ethics Training Non-CE-Nation Association of Realtors-04/2019


National USPAP Update Course-The Moore Group-01/2020
Supervisor/Trainee Appraiser Course-The Moore Group-02/2020
Defensible Appraising-The Moore Group-11/2020
An Appraisers Guide to Expert Witness Assignments-The Moore Group-11/2020

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