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At Raptor Enterprises, we have had the honor to work with several wonderful businesses and clients to provide them with Appraisal Services. See testimonials below.

“In trying to run a business and manage multiple properties, it is essential to stay up to date on the current real estate values in our portfolio.  Using Tracy Hock with IPEX Appraisal has allowed us to stay on top of the current market trends and leverage our assets for maximum productivity in the marketplace.  Tracy is always fast and friendly, and a valuable tool in our professional arsenal.  I recommend him to anyone needing appraisal and real estate services.”

Chris Hilliard

USA Communications, Founder

“I approached IPEX Appraisals with the need to have several complex appraisals performed. IPEX worked with me to determine the various scopes of the work needed and delivered trustworthy value calculations and insights necessary to assist in making good decisions. The experience, working with IPEX, has been highly professional yet personable and I especially appreciate that they keep in contact with me throughout the process.  Overall, working with IPEX has proven to be very beneficial to my job performance and I would recommend their services to anyone needing a reliable appraisal.”

Jim Brown

Senior Land Administrator with Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District

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